Case Studies

Case Study: Appealing Interim Orders

Summary of Facts: a decision was made in the Federal Circuit Court for the relocation of the children at the first court date, appeal was lodged for the interim decision, application to the court for a stay of the orders in the interim

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appealing interim orders federal circuit court
Case Note: Inclusion of Trusts In Property Pool

Summary of Facts: assets were left to the husband in a will through the form of a family trust and also to his sister in a similar trust, when separating the wife sought that the assets in the trusts were included for division

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How To Get a Consent Order
Case Study: Application to Vary DVO

Summary of Facts: there was a domestic violence order in place with standard condition to be of good behaviour, further dispute between the parties, was it necessary or desirable to vary the order to include additional conditions

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Domestic violence application to vary
Case Note: Judicial Interference

Summary of Facts: whether judicial interference amounted to an unfair trial and whether there was judicial bullying in a parenting trial, was there a fair trial and was there an actual bias, or an appearance of bias by the Judge

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Family Court
Case Note: Contravention Parenting Order

Summary of Facts: contravention of parenting orders, whether there was a reasonable excuse for withholding the child, whether it was necessary to protect the safety of the child and there was evidence of risk of harm

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Contravene Parenting Court Order
Case Study: Parenting Matter Custody of Baby

Summary of Facts: parties separated not long after the birth of the child, father did not see the child for several months and was seeking shared care, mother was seeking step-up of time, allegations made of mental health concerns, drug use and parental alienation.

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