What Happens if the Assets/Liabilities Aren’t in my Name?

Many people wonder what happens if the assets or liabilities aren’t in their name when separating. It can make things a little more complicated but there is still a way for you to access what you are entitled to receive in a property division.

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What Should I Do When I Separate From My Spouse?

Separation can be the most overwhelming and stressful time of your life and navigating the legal system on top of that can seem impossible. There are many things that you can, and should, be doing when you are going through a separation – and you don’t even need to see a lawyer.

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what to do when separating from spouse

What Is A Family Report?

There are two common types of Family Reports that the court might order – an 11F report or a Family Report. While they are similar, and may be conducted by the same person, there are some differences and you should know how the court deals with these reports once they are finished.

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How Does The Family Court Deal With Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is regarded very seriously in the Family Court however it depends on what the allegation is and whether it has been dealt with another court as to how the Family Court deals with it. There are many ways that the court might deal with domestic violence based on the different allegations and outcomes.

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Domestic violence application to vary

What Is A De Facto Entitled To When Separated?

Many people wonder what a de facto is entitled to when separated and whether it is the same as those who are married. Read on to learn how the court deals with de facto relationships and what considerations they take into account to determine who is entitled to what.

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What is a de facto entitled to when separated

What Questions Should I Ask My Solicitor When Getting Divorced?

Taking the step to see a solicitor about your separation can seem daunting and there are a few questions you should have prepared for them before you decide to start the divorce process. A good separation solicitor will be able to answer all these questions for you in your first consultation.

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Questions to ask solicitor when getting divorced

What Happens When You Are Charged With Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence order applications and charges are taken very seriously by the court. While an application is dealt with in civil court, breaches of that order are considered a criminal offence and are punishable by several years in imprisonment.

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How Can I Get Custody Of My Child Without Going To Court?

Getting custody of your child without going to court is the best way to resolve a parenting conflict. Exposing yourself and your children to court proceedings can be very damaging so trying to sort out custody of your child without litigation should be your first step when separating from your partner.

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How can I get custody of my child without going to court

What Is Parental Responsibility?

An important part of the law around child custody is the term ‘parental responsibility’. If you are going through a parenting dispute, you will need to understand what parental responsibility encompasses and the difference between shared and sole parental responsibility.

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What Is A Binding Financial Agreement?

A binding financial agreement (BFA) is a financial agreement that can be entered into before, during or after a relationship. It is a complex area of law but can be a useful to protect your assets prior to separation or finalise your property settlement after breaking up.

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What is a binding financial agreement fixed fee

How Do I Start The Divorce Process?

The divorce process means different things to everyone but there are several things that you need to do to start the separation process once you have broken up with someone. The divorce process is just part of the list of things that you need to get in order.

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How to start the divorce process

What Is A Temporary Domestic Violence Order?

Domestic Violence proceedings are complicated and the consequences of these proceedings are very serious. It is crucial that you understand how they work and what the terminology means.

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Best Domestic Violence Lawyer Domestic Violence Solicitor

How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost?

When you first make the decision to consult a lawyer about your case, there will be a few questions on your mind –How much is a family lawyer? How much will my family law court case cost? It is impossible to tell you exactly but we can at least give some idea about what costs you will be up for throughout your case.

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How Do I Get A Divorce When One Party Is Overseas?

Applying for a divorce can be quite simple if both parties agree to the divorce and are available to sign necessary documents. When there is a dispute about the divorce or when one party is overseas, it can compilate matters but it is possible to apply for a divorce without a lawyer if you know the steps you need to take.

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What Should I Do Before I Separate?

When your relationship ends it can be incredibly overwhelming dealing with the day to day issues without adding legal problems on top of that. When there are children and houses and arguments it can seem like there is no way you are going to resolve anything – but we promise, you will.

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What to do before you separate

What Courts Do You Appear In?

Clarity Family Law Solutions is a Gold Coast family law practice, well known as divorce lawyers in Varsity Lakes, but services clients Australia wide. The Family Law Act is Commonwealth law which means that we can assist clients and appear in Federal Circuit and Family Courts all over Australia.

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How Do I Co-Parent During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

With the constantly evolving nature of COVID-19, there are restrictions in place that effect those going through a Family Law dispute or attempting to co-parent. The Federal Circuit and Family Courts are giving directions as to how to proceed so it is crucial that you understand how this effects you and your parenting relationship.

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What Are The COVID-19 Directions in Queensland?

With the quickly changing nature of Coronavirus and constantly updating rules, it can be very difficult to understand what you should and shouldn’t be doing. With our Prime Minister’s recent address being implemented across Australia, there are changes to directions in Queensland that everyone needs to be aware of.

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Who Is Clarity Family Law Solutions Principal Lawyer?

Nicole Jevtovic (Nikki Jevtovic) is a divorce lawyer at Varsity Lakes who started her own Gold Coast family law practice, Clarity Family Law Solutions. After years of experience as a family lawyer, Nicole created a law firm that focuses on positive solutions and achieving the best result for her clients, whether that it is in or out of court.

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Who Is Clarity Family Law Solutions?

Clarity Family Law Solutions is legal practice established by Nikki Jevtovic, a local Gold Coast Family Lawyer. With expertise in parenting, financial settlement and domestic violence, the lawyers are able to assist with all types of Family Law disputes. The firm focuses on positive solutions and simplifying the separation process.

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Clarity Family Law Solutions, dedicated to finding solutions to family law and domestic violence law disputes.